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Photos of Tunisia - Tunis pictures

Photos of Tunisia - Photographic Book


Tunis a beautiful city

Welcome to the photo section of Tunisia. Discover pictures of Tunis with its famous medina and souks its doors, but also the village of Sidi Bou Said Greek influence and finally the city of Sousse and its medina. Tunis is a beautiful city. Its medina is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Very well maintained, well worth the time. Feel free to wander through the narrow winding streets. Not to worry. If you get lost you can always ask for directions to the inhabitants. Otherwise, the advice I always applied: you follow people and you Take the increasingly wide streets. You will come across large squares.


If you wish you can also find information and tips to prepare your stay in Tunis and Tunisia. When to go to Tunisia? What to see? What are the attractions? Good trip to Tunis, Tunisia. © Pictures by

Galery photos of Tunis

Tunisian in the streets

Man from Tunisia

Traditional door in Tunisia

The art of North Africa

Koranic School of Tunis

Tunis house door

Tunisian religious art

Tunisian tomb

City of Sousse

Historical monument Sousse

Trip to Sousse

Sid Bou Said house

Village of Sidi Bou Said

Dog of Sidi Bou Said

Roman wall in Tunisia

Mosque of Sidi Bou Said

Tunisian door

Tunisian in the streets of Tunis

Portrait of a woman Tunis

Medina North Africa

Old wooden door in Tunisia

African traditional Medina

Church in Tunisia

House North Africa

A mosque in Africa

Tunisian culture

Inside the mosque