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Asia is a continent, magical, colorful, with a very strong culture. Here you will see photos of Japan, South Korea, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Hong Kong. Each part of the Asian continent has its own culture well differentiated. However, a feature characteristic of this continent: hospitality, kindness, smile and among others, the rich culture and heritage of its people. Go to Asia is to accept the clash of cultures, lost his bearings and go to meet the other.

In India you will be dazzled by the colors of the clothes of both cities. A marvel that will help you when you croisierez scenes difficult life.

In Vietnam, you will be struck by the smiles of the people, their home. But you'll also discover an extraordinary historical heritage, including Hue and Hoi An You will feel to visit the Angkor temples in Vietnam. In China, you will discover an impressive people where you feel the weight of the group and the absence of the individual. A country that gradually extended its influence on the world. In Hong Kong you will be stunned, bewildered and lost. The god of trade in flesh and bone. In Cambodia, you will be dazzled by the Khmer smile. A people marked by a tragic story.

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Pictures of Thailand

In Japan, you will be stunned by the Japanese culture: beautiful gardens, sober and beautiful temples, shrines which require compliance. You feel the weight of the society with its many obligations and prohibitions. Finally, in South Korea, some countries still run by the French, you will discover a booming country. Good trip in Asia. © Pictures by

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