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The Americas, a continent with diverse cultures, rich, and so different from each other. Here you will discover the North American with the United States and Canada. Mythical country where they have their roots in Europe, have been able to develop and find their own culture. You will visit cities like New York with its skyscrapers, its futuristic architecture, friendly locals. This city, the economic powerhouse of the United States is truly a state within a state. Nicknamed the apple because of its shape, this will entice you blink. Whether you're a fan of architecture, passionate about museums, attracted so different from each other cultures, you will find your happiness in this city. It takes time to imbibe this megalopolis. Lovers of photography will be happy.

You will also discover Montreal and Quebec, an air of France to the kingdom of the English language. Amazing cities. Montreal takes a little time to enjoy it. You will walk through the old streets (there are some), you stop to watch live people and suddenly your heart begins to be captured by the atmosphere. You will also discover the beautiful city of Quebec with its famous castle (the castle Frontenac now converted into a luxury hotel), its steep streets and many stairs. Quebec is a little French heart. Proud of their origins they claim, you may attend a history lesson given outdoor Canadian schoolchildren. You will relive the discovery, exploration and battles that marked the country. Good trip to North America. You can continue your journey from discovering the maps of these large countries, their history and geography.

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