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Europe this old continent. A great story and a real feast for the eyes. European capitals show us the traces of the past: Lisbon explorers, Paris and its famous monuments and churches, the tower of London and Big Ben and the changing of the guard, Stockholm and Gamla Stan Old Town - Edinburgh and old city - Athens with the Colosseum and the Pantheon - Rome a real city museum - Amsterdam and canals. Finally, you will find pictures of the cities of Vienna and Copenhagen - Copenhagen and old houses. You'll understand the Western Europe is full of treasures. Good trip in European capitals.

You will visit England with its beautiful capital.

City difficult to photograph so that you have to watch with an eye always sharpened. Portugal will open its doors instead of history, colorful cities rich in monuments. France will offer the sumptuous landscapes. Whether its capital, Paris, with the Pyrenees mountains, cities like Toulouse, Carcassonne steeped in history, the Normandy and Brittany beaches and rugged coastline.

London capital - England
Photos of Lisbon - Portugal
London capital
Photos of Lisbon - Portugal
Paris pictures - France
Images of Copenhagen - Denmark
Paris pictures
Images of Copenhagen
Photos of Vienna - Austria
Athens capital
Photos of Vienna
Athens capital
Photos of Rome - Italy
Images of Edinburgh - Scotland
Photos of Rome
Images of Edinburgh
Capital of Stockholm - Sweden
Capital of Germany
Capital of Stockholm
Capital of Germany
Amsterdam Photos - Netherlands
Warsaw - Poland
Amsterdam Photos
Warsaw photos
Capital of Budapest - Hungary
Images of Prague
Capital of Budapest
Images of Prague

You will discover Greece with its capital, Athens, and especially its islands, the Cyclades. Real wonders in the heart of the Aegean Sea. You will also discover Italy and its more beautiful than the other cities: Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Turin. Very beautiful and very pleasant streets churches. Spain will invite you to explore Southern Europe. Madrid and Barcelona will open their doors. Germany will also be on the menu for this trip. Come and meet the culture of the inhabitants of the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Cologne Carnival and the beautiful city of Munich. The capital of eastern Europe are not forgotten: Prague and its splendid historic center, Budapest and the beautiful Parliament and Buda is the origin of the Hungarian capital, Warsaw and completely rebuilt old town after the destruction of the Second World War. © Pictures by

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